Maintenance of primary documentation

Maintenance of primary documentation

Ex nihilo nihil fit (Nothing comes from nothing)

Source documents are essential and integral part of business performance of any company. Some document entry may cause the undesirable fiscal consequences that’s why only qualified specialist should be engaged into maintenance of source documents. This person will be able to notice the bias in the document and will eliminate the problem. 

We offer:

  • complex keeping of the source documents;
  • keeping of the source documents by areas;
  • implementing he schedule of the turnover;
  • preparation of the source documents according the schedule;
  • accumulation of the primary data from the contractors and customers;
  • making the electronic copies of documents (scanning the documents);
  • on-line access to the source documents (with the help of a remote desktop);
  • communication with the contractors in order to get primary documents or removal of the errors detected in the documents received;
  • input of the source document to the “1S” software;;
  • consulting service;

As the result of cooperation with us you get:

  • cost cutting on economic and accounting support;
  • legally correctly formalized and completed documents;
  • recommendations from the team of professionals;
  • quick communication of information.
Documentationfrom 900 UAH/month