Labor protection

Labor protection
Manufacturing, required for the enterprise, package of documents on labor protection and industrial safety, in accordance with the requirements of the legislationfrom 15 000 UAH
Labor protection outsourcingfrom 5000 UAH
Advice on the implementation and systematization of documentation on occupational safetyfrom 300 UAH/hour
Making audits of labor protection at the companyfrom 5000 UAH
Disputes Resolutionfrom 300 UAH/hour
Manufacture of passports for equipment and objects of high dangerfrom 2000 UAH
Inspection and certification of buildings, constructions for residential, public and industrial purposescontract price
Carrying out electrical measurements in electrical installations up to 1000 Vcontract price
Carrying out technical inspections and expert examination (technical diagnostics) of boilers, vessels, pipelines and elevating structures;
Representation of the interests of the victim in the investigation of accidents at work, including in case of a fatal accident and in court cases as a representative (lawyer)