Negotiations and bargain support

Negotiations and bargain support

Negotiations and bargain support


The only one wins who was able to reach an agreement.

Negotiations and bargain support may be referred to as the process of conclusion of an agreement with prediction of various risks and consequences as well as control over opponent’s psychological mood and identification of his/her possible manipulations applied. All the above mentioned makes it possible to conclude an agreement profitably for You first.

We offer:

  • designing the draft of an agreement;
  • support at the business meeting;
  • support in bargaining;
  • carrying out controls over the agreement conditions fulfillment;
  • reducing the risks of agreement’s cancellation;
  • collecting penalties in case of agreement fulfillment evasion.

As the result of cooperation with us you get:

  • a competently drawn up agreement;
  • legal protection of your interests.

Negotiations and bargain support

from 500 UAH/hour
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