Responses to requests of regulatory bodies

Responses to requests of regulatory bodies


Regulatory authorities are often interested in the performance of the company in order to find new ways to fill in the budget of the state. Regulatory bodies’ queries to businesses are one of the tools requiring generation and collection of the information upon request, as well as approved responses to narrow the field of data search.

Not submitting the supporting statements (Form 6) entails the risk of getting “condition 10”, “condition 23” etc., and then cancellation of the certificate of state registration.


  • preparation and submission of responses to regulatory bodies’ requests;
  • assistance in carrying out conversations with the tax officials;
  • appeal against the tax authorities’ decision on granting “condition 10”, “condition 23”;
  • recovery of a VAT certificate, in case of its cancellation;
  • legal consulting.


  • legally correct answers to regulatory bodies’ requests;
  • reduction of the risk of re-request the usage of the information provided.
Responses to requests of regulatory bodiesfrom 900 UAH/hour

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