Planning, Business-planning

Planning, Business-planning

The art of business has much in common with the art of a general. I think that in business one should follow the military history. The campaign and strategy should be developed beforehand. 
Paul Hattie

Business plan – is a program of your business development, containing organizational and financial actions directed to determining the perspectives of your business development and is the attractive component for Ukrainian and foreign investors, as well as for crediting organizations. 

We offer:

  • market monitoring;
  • assistance in determining the direction of your company development;
  • analysis of your business plan, recommendations on attaining the desired results and making adjustments to your business plan if necessary;
  • working out of a business-plan in accordance with your aims and requirements;
  • competently and correctly designed document with comments on implementation;
  • calculation of financial indicators by month, quarter, year in order to prove the effectiveness of the project offered;
  • support of the business-plan designed for fund-raising purposes;
  • recommendations on the business plan implementing;
  • optimization of costs for making the business plan through accounting reflection.

As the result of cooperation with us you get:

  • the business plan of a high quality;
  • individual approach towards business plan making;
  • getting external fund raising (crediting) from residents and non-residents of Ukraine;
  • economy of time and efforts spent on business plan in case you do it yourself;
  • answers to the FAQ-questions “whу, where and how” and your business will reach the results desired.
Planning, Business-planningfrom 900 UAH/hour