There is the most effective and efficient way of getting information which the majority of managers don’t use at all. . 
You just have to go there where people work and watch what’s going on there. 
Andrew Grow

Inventorying – is an engagement of professional and independent controllers in order to identify the available property and comparing the obtained information with accounting data that enables to detect the shortage, determine the material responsibility of employees and prevent the improper use of property in the future. 

We offer:

  • inventorying of your assets and liabilities;
  • to ascertain the actual state of affairs at your company;
  • to exact the revealed shortages from material responsible employees;
  • accounting reflection of the inventorying made with minimal fiscal consequences.

As the result of cooperation with us you get:

  • detection of property shortage and discovering the dishonest employees;
  • minimizing the risk of spoilage and embezzlement;
  • integrity of the property of your company.
Inventoryingfrom 900 UAH