Accounting revision

Accounting revision

To find a mistake is much more easier than to find the truth. The mistake is on top so someone notices it at once 
and the truth is hidden somewhere deep so not everyone may find it. 
Johan Goethe

Accounting revision – is the complex check (an audit) of financial and economic activities of an enterprise including the check of accounti8ng, tax accounting and managerial accounting with providing with the recommendations on removing the detected irregularities and if necessary their complete elimination 

We offer:

  • detection of the irregularities and weakpoints in accounting system;
  • variants of the irregularities removal;
  • irregularities removal.

As the result of cooperation with us you get:

  • exposure and reduction of the risks of improper use of money and extra charge of taxes;
  • qualified preparation of a company to inspections of controlling bodies and tax authorities.
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