Outsourcing center

Outsourcing center is: 

 1. Registration “turnkey” within 5 working days; 
  2. Accounting outsourcing ; 
  3. Reducing the tax burden on your business; 
  4. Audit; 
  5. Dispute settlement; 
  6. Real estate transactions support; 
  7. Trainings.

Documentationfrom 450 UAH/month
Organization of accountingfrom 4000 UAH
Outsourcingfrom 450 UAH/month
Staff recruitmentfrom 500 UAH/hour
Individual consultingfrom 500 UAH/hour
Accounting outsourcing
Services of a Chief Accountantfrom 400 UAH/hour
CFO Servicesfrom 500 UAH/hour
Documentationfrom 300 UAH/month
Work with “1S” software, transition to 8.2 versionfrom 400 UAH
Accounting revisioncontract price
Accounting reconstruction and systematizationcontract price
Inventoryingfrom 1500 UAH
Tax Consultingfrom 500 UAH/hour
Organization of the financial and accounting reporting systemfrom 500 UAH/hour
Planning, Business-planningfrom 500 UAH/hour
Tax Planningfrom 500 UAH/hour
Budgetingfrom 500 UAH/hour
Obtaining licenses and patentscontract price
Real estate transactions supportfrom 500 UAH/hour
Negotiations and bargain supportfrom 500 UAH/hour
Formation and checking the agreements and other documentsfrom 500 UAH/hour
Legalizing the real estate objects that had been built and putting into operation the unauthorized constructioncontract price
Liquidation of a companyfrom 10000 UAH
Holding the negotiations with banks for getting loanscontract price
liquidation of private entrepreneurfrom 1500 UAH
Protection of the interests of the employer during the consideration of materials in the administrative court on the prohibition of exploitation of the facility of increased danger by the results of inspections of supervisory bodiescontract price
Internal auditfrom 3000 UAH
Auditing of reportingfrom 4500 UAH
Tax auditsfrom 4500 UAH
Inventoryingfrom 1500 UAH
Complex revisionfrom 5200 UAH
Working out the resolutions on the audits, work on filling in any supporting documentscontract price
Control over budget fulfillmentfrom 400 UAH/hour
Tax disputesfrom 500 UAH/hour
Responses to requests of regulatory bodiesfrom 500 UAH/hour
Manufacturing, required for the enterprise, package of documents on labor protection and industrial safety, in accordance with the requirements of the legislationfrom 15 000 UAH
Labor protection outsourcingfrom 5000 UAH
Advice on the implementation and systematization of documentation on occupational safetyfrom 300 UAH/hour
Making audits of labor protection at the companyfrom 5000 UAH
Disputes Resolutionfrom 300 UAH/hour
Manufacture of passports for equipment and objects of high dangerfrom 2000 UAH
Inspection and certification of buildings, constructions for residential, public and industrial purposescontract price
Carrying out electrical measurements in electrical installations up to 1000 Vcontract price
Carrying out technical inspections and expert examination (technical diagnostics) of boilers, vessels, pipelines and elevating structures;
Representation of the interests of the victim in the investigation of accidents at work, including in case of a fatal accident and in court cases as a representative (lawyer)
Services of a Chief Accountantfrom 400 UAH/hour
Staff recruitment according to your requirementsfrom 4000 UAH
Trainingsfrom 1500 UAH
Development of individual training programs according to the customer’s wishesfrom 8000 UAH
Employees’ lead-up and consultingfrom 500 UAH/hour
Making audits of the staffcontract price

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