Why we

The outsourcing center

was organized by the team of professionals with more than 10 years experience in accounting, its organization and revision, as well as in auditing and providing clients with information and consulting support.

In our activity we apply the approaches of an «old school» of soviet accounting system combined with the newest standards of financial reporting and audit as well as with management techniques and information technologies.

The first approach is characterized by complexity, total character and scrupulosity of inspection in order to provide the highest standard of company’s property safe-keeping.

The second approach enables to provide information for decision making in on-line regime as well as offers to exercise control over company’s performance with the help of effective combination of internet-servers capacities and modern software.

Outsourcing center is:

1. Registration “turnkey” within 5 working days;
2. Accounting outsourcing ;
3. Reducing the tax burden on your business;
4. Audit;
5. Dispute settlement;
6. Real estate transactions support;
7. Trainings..

Recording for consultation

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