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A piece of good advice costs more than gold.
Titys Makcius Plawt

a. Tax Consulting

Paying taxes means giving the part of your property in order to preserve the rest.
Volter Marie Francois Aroue

Tax Consulting - is a consulting support on the issues of methodology of financial as well as and fiscal accounting in order to avoid the negative sanctions and penalties.

We offer:
  • the analysis of the system and the taxation schemes for Your company;
  • recommendations on constructing the effective taxation system for Your company;
  • constructing the taxation system with the help of the tax planning instruments;
  • complex consulting on business transactions;
  • consulting on separate business transactions;
  • consulting whether in written or oral form, on-line consulting;
  • providing with the legislative base;
As the result of cooperation with us you get:
  • the prompt reaction to the situation;
  • quick removal of the arising problems;
  • recommendations to avoid the negative and undesirable fiscal consequences.

b. Organization of the financial and accounting reporting system

To organize means to estimate the possibility and only then to set up the task.

Preparation of the financial reporting is the final stage of finishing the fiscal year of a company. Before getting into the statements the information on business transactions passes the long path from filling out and signing the source document. Therefore in order to obtain relevant information output it is crucial to organize accounting at an enterprise.

We offer:
  • accounting organization for a staff accountant (accounting department), in case it is transferred for outsourcing;
  • accounting policies implementation, as well as the schedule of document turnover according to the peculiarities of company’s performance;
  • software adjustments;
  • implementing the system of statements submitting;
  • project of taxation optimization for a particular company;
  • planning the terms of statements submitting for taxes payment;
  • recommendations on maintenance accounting;
  • consulting support;
As the result of cooperation with us you get:
  • economizing on accounting and economic support;
  • statements submitting and paying taxes on time;
  • support of the team of professionals at all stages of company life cycle;
  • work with the team of professionals;
  • rapid information exchange.

c. Planning, Business-planning

The art of business has much in common with the art of a general. I think that in business one should follow the military history. The campaign and strategy should be developed beforehand.
Paul Hattie

Business plan - is a program of your business development, containing organizational and financial actions directed to determining the perspectives of your business development and is the attractive component for Ukrainian and foreign investors, as well as for crediting organizations.

We offer:
  • market monitoring;
  • assistance in determining the direction of your company development;
  • analysis of your business plan, recommendations on attaining the desired results and making adjustments to your business plan if necessary;
  • working out of a business-plan in accordance with your aims and requirements;
  • competently and correctly designed document with comments on implementation;
  • calculation of financial indicators by month, quarter, year in order to prove the effectiveness of the project offered;
  • support of the business-plan designed for fund-raising purposes;
  • recommendations on the business plan implementing;
  • optimization of costs for making the business plan through accounting reflection.
As the result of cooperation with us you get:
  • the business plan of a high quality;
  • individual approach towards business plan making;
  • getting external fund raising (crediting) from residents and non-residents of Ukraine;
  • economy of time and efforts spent on business plan in case you do it yourself;
  • answers to the FAQ-questions "whу, where and how" and your business will reach the results desired.

d. Tax Planning

You may not even notice you are a success. But the tax office will remind you.
Pierre Daninios

Tax Planning - is a set of actions directed to the taxation optimization in accordance with the requirements of current legislation within the budget limits of your company.

We offer:
  • selection of the optimal taxation system adequate to your activities;
  • forming the scheme of business settlements optimal for your business;
  • adjustment of existing fiscal consequences;
  • additional instruments for reducing the tax burden;
  • consulting support;
  • registration of companies in effective tax jurisdictions;
As the result of cooperation with us you get:
  • tax burden reduction;
  • tax payments in time within your budget limitations;
  • planning the tax payments;
  • absence of penal sanctions.

e. Budgeting

To make a balanced budget is the same to propect your dignity: you must learn how to say "no".
Ronald Reagan

Budgeting - is a system of planning presupposing the comparison of revenues and expenses of a company in order to overcome cash gaps.

We offer:
  • development of the draft budget for your company exactly;
  • ten-day period plans of cash receipts and disbursements;
  • optimization of the payroll fund;
  • assistance in getting credit fundraising;
  • analysis and correcting the tax consequences of the transactions made.
As the result of cooperation with us you get:
  • forecasting and costs reduction;
  • overcoming the cash gaps;
  • making effective and efficient decisions on the basis of developed and implemented budgets.

f. Other:
Company registering in effective tax jurisdictions (Cyprus, Belize, Panama etc.)

Economizing is just for the poor for the rich there is tax remission and tax avoidance.
Christian Bowe

Company registering in effective tax jurisdictions - is a procedure of registration of a company in the offshore zones with attractive tax rates which concerns the diminishing of the tax pressure to minimum by absolutely legal ways in order to provide speed growth of your business.

We offer:
  • assistance in the choice of offshore jurisdiction satisfying your requirements;
  • preparing the draft package of registration documents;
  • legal entities registration in the offshore zones "turnkey";
  • acquisition of the offshore company;
  • accounting and legal support of registered (acquired) companies in the effective tax jurisdictions;
  • consulting services on the taxation matters;
  • assistance in getting permissive licenses for performing activities in the offshore zones;
  • the offshore company liquidation;
  • the offshore company sale.
As the result of cooperation with us you get:
  • offshore company registered within the shortest term;
  • legally correct and irreproachably developed concept of business activities in the offshore zones;
  • legal optimization of taxation of your company;
  • protection of your company from economic and political instability;
  • economy of time and efforts spent for the registration of an offshore company on your own;
  • termination of activity (liquidation) of the offshore company with minimum of time wasting as well as efforts making and money spending.

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